You’ve Landed on The Surface of The Internet

It’s a barren wasteland of websites, ads, social networks, you name it.  Or so we think.  It’s not barren at all, in fact it’s crawling with visitors.  People who are attracted to certain websites because they have a vetted interested in a hobby, sport, entertainment show, whatever it is.  

We see this every day when we go to check our email or log onto Twitter.  Information travels at blinding speeds and we can barely keep up with it all.  I remember when the internet was just Netscape 4.0. I thought to myself, what is this?  This will never catch on.  Fast forward 25 years later and the floppy drive storage is dust compared to the petrabytes (or more) of storage.  Of information.  

Where am I going with this?  Well, to be honest I wanted to create a sort of guide that just talks about what traffic is and what it means to people as visitors or website owners.  As a entrepreneur of sorts, I spent alot of time (11 years) tinkering with websites, programming, learning about marketing (I’m currently getting certified in Inbound Marketing), etc.  Why did I do this?  What’s the point?

The best way to teach someone about a topic is to experience it yourself.  That is what Traffic for Dummies is all about.  Education about how we use the internet, how information travels, and so on.  Keep in mind, this blog is designed for all sorts of people: people who just happened to stumble upon it and want to learn about traffic, business owners who are looking to maximize their strategies and ROI, or really anyone in between.  

So take a step back, or a seat, and let’s explore the world of traffic.


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