What Traffic Means: Visitors vs. Owners

So in the last article, we talked about a brief overview​ of Traffic for Dummies.  I also mentioned that traffic can mean different things from the perspective of a website visitor vs. a website owner.   I’m going to tilt the table on this subject to shake some stereotypes up and allow you to gain a different angle.  

We will talk about the website visitor first which is what you and I are.  Notice how I said, myself and you.  We will get into that part a little later.  Anyhow, the website visitor is essentially a person (or bot for search engine purposes) who lands on a website from somewhere.  That somewhere could be another website, an ad, or a search term on Google.  Regardless of where it came from, the one thing that’s guaranteed about traffic is that the source of that traffic has a reason to be at that site at that particular time.

Website visitors are mainly looking for information, something specific when they visit a website.  Maybe they are looking for a tutorial on how to cook or fly an airplane.  People learn in different ways as well, for instance I learn with a mix of audio, visual, and what I call tactile learning™ which is a term I coined because I’ve used it for many years.  Tactile learning is essentially doing a task while learning about it at the same time.  You force yourself to gain a new perspective on an idea or task that you’ve done before and that creates a new learning curve that’s unique. 

So, getting back to what traffic means as a website visitor; it means specific knowledge.  Remember this because I’ll refer to it later as well.  
The website owner has a little different story as they see website traffic in a whole new way.  Now I can’t speak for everyone, but the main viewpoint that website owners see traffic is profit.  A business owner creates a website to tell their clients about what they do, for example.  The internet is capable of sharing product information, reviews, special discounts, etc much faster than conventional means which will grow revenue for the website/business owner. 

As I recently learned from experience is the website owner is as just as much a website visitor as a stranger.  Meaning, if they want the website to be successful, profitable, etc they have to look at the website through the visitor’s point of view.  This essentially is what inbound marketing is all about, but I digress.  I learned that in order for any business or website to be a real success and to even go viral is to create content around people’s emotions.  

As a website owner, in the past I was always focused about making the website look really pretty and adding all these plugins.  I found that over time this did nothing for my rankings or website popularity.  I wasn’t focused on the right thing, which was who I was building the content for.  

This is why it’s important for website owners to also be website visitors to really gain an understanding of their visitor base and create truly unique, engaging, and meaningful content.  


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