How Websites Get Organic Traffic

Now that you are familiar with our website and you know the difference between a website visitor and website owner, we will dive into the digital ocean of organic traffic.  In a simple sense, this type of traffic is the best because it’s natural, meaning the person who is visiting the website wants to be there.  That person arrived by a search term or keyword related directly to that website that the owner setup.

Google and Facebook love organic traffic because that allows them to put relevant content to people’s news feeds.  Have you ever wondered why if you searched for a certain item on Google and then a few hours later you see an ad for that same product show up as a sponsored post in Facebook?  That is precisely why big companies gain demographic information, to Target ads to users.  Read this fantastic article about increasing your website traffic from Backlinko.

The other side of traffic generation is in the paid traffic arena, but we will get to that later.

Here are my tips for increasing organic traffic:

Relevant Content – Make sure your content matches up with your mission statement, website name, etc.  It’s okay to go one tangents to further explain a topic, but don’t start writing about unicorns when your website is about food trucks.

Website Speed – A newer indicator that Google has used to measure the SEO metric in website is it’s speed.  If your website is bogged down with large images, plugins, and widgets it won’t load well, thus increasing your bounce rate.  This means people who land on your website will not stick around.

Keywords – Even though Google has put keywords on the back burner in terms of SEO, I still think they are relevant.  If someone is searching for a specific term, make sure your article has relevant keywords to help users find that information.  Remember, the number one reason website visitors come to a website is for information.

Backlinks – This can be quite tricky because alot of people are confused about how backlinks works.  A backlink is a link from an outside source that links back to your website.  Back in the day, you used to be able to submit your website to a backlink generator and get thousands of backlinks.  This is now frowned upon because the backlinks are not targeted.  Remember that article about Backlinko that we suggested?  We created a backlink to their website from ours, making it a high-quality, relevant backlink.  When you write awesome content, people will link back to your website, therefore increasing the organic traffic and SEO.

We may have missed some tips about organic traffic because it’s a very large field so feel free to leave a recommendation in the comments about how you think organic traffic helps websites.



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